Cornershop drummer in Gram Holli & the Berries – release new song

Sleeve design for Gram Holli & The Berries' new song The Woods
Sleeve design for Gram Holli & The Berries’ new song The Woods

The British Invasion is not over, boys and girls. Get ready for the second wave! Lancashire Lads  Gram Holli and the Berries are on the way. This Brit band was “born in Leigh, not On Sea, but on a navigation, absconded to Atherton, biked to Bolton, and were produced in Preston.”

They’re fresh off a tour through Europe having played gigs in such places as Manchester, Milan and Munich.

Who are these Lancashire lads?

The Lancashire Lads are: “Gram Holli” (lead vocals, guitar, bass and keyboard), Cornershop’s Andy Flynn (drums), Richard (“bowing” strings), Steve (“blowing” brass) and Alan Gregson of West Orange Studios (“perfecting” production and background vocals).


Their melodic and catchy new album “The Woods” is a fine example of the band’s current musical musings. The album features the single “True Love” and will be released on Company Records via Matchbox Recordings with distribution from Universal Music Operations on 17 March 2014.

Here’s a taster of Gram Holli & the Berries:


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