Rhianna’s face not pose seems to be the problem with standards people

Rihanna perfume advert deemed unsuitable for children

Rhianna's contentious pose for perfume causes uproar over 'defiant' look.
Rhianna’s contentious pose for perfume causes uproar over ‘defiant’ look.

What? They consider this pose to be “sexually aggressive” Why? Not because of the amount of clothing she is wearing or her pose, but her FACE. The Advertising Standards Authority consider her LOOK should be vulnerable not defiant, as that would be giving young people the wrong ideas about socially accepted roles for women.

The fact she is wearing only high heels is not the biggest issue, it is her attitude, apparently. If only people talked straight, then we’d know they think “women should be vulnerable around sex, not defiant.” What, with a perfume called “Rogue”? Really?

Here is the story care of Pressparty.

An advertising poster for Rihanna‘s Rogue fragrance should only been placed where children are unlikely to see it, according to theĀ Advertising Standards Authority.

The scent was released in 2013, but the advertising regulatory body have now ruled that an image of Rihanna used to promote the product is “sexually suggestive”.

The picture sees Rihanna near-naked lying with her back against a wall with her two legs in the air.

Whilst the ASA accepted that the singer had a face of “defiance rather than vulnerability”, the body said:

“While we did not consider the image to be overtly sexual, we considered that Rihanna’s pose, with her legs raised in the air, was provocative.

“Because of this, and the fact that Rihanna appeared to be naked except for high heels, we concluded that the ad was sexually suggestive and should have been given a placement restriction to reduce the possibility of it being seen by children.”

They have suggested that the advert is not displayed in places where children are likely to see it.

Watch Rihanna in action below (this might be more unsuited to younger viewers than the pose. It’s “explicit”:


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